Athletes & Officials

The Organising Committee will offer an easy and comfortable experience to all participants during their stay in Braga for the EUC.


We will provide 2 accommodation units, Lloyd Braga and Santa Tecla Students Residences, to ensure a pleasant stay for all participants and a level of involvement with the city. Participants will be placed in double rooms, with private bathroom. Free Wi-Fi internet access is guaranteed.


All rooms will be cleaned twice a week and all guests can request fresh towels at reception whenever they want.


Residences are equipped with laundry rooms that can be used by the delegations and the OC will provide a paid laundry service with scheduled pick-up and delivery.

All accommodations are fully secured. Only residents with valid accreditation cards will have access to the buildings.


In case of need of medical assistance, someone should contact the general medical office.




The laundries for the 2023 European Universities Volleyball Championship are located in the residences where the athletes are accommodated, through the following three schedules:


Morning - 10 am to 12 pm;

Afternoon - 4 pm to 6 pm;

Night - 9 pm to 11 pm.


The washing and drying of the sports clothing of players (t-shirt, shorts and socks) costs €38 per team/wash, which can be paid in cash or credit card.